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“Bullying is wrong (and costs everyone).
Caring is strong (and it's free).” — Pat Nicholson 

A Reflection of We  teaches children that we all have the power to stop, to think and to choose kindness over hurting others with our words and/or actions. A wonderful book about being happy with oneself (which will often lead to respect for others), A Reflection of We is a gentle guide to learning how to deal with our own frustrations and the impact we can make when we choose positive options. Recommended for those who would like to start an early discussion with their children about anger, social media bullying, tolerance for differences, one parent families, families with two dads (might be step-parent). This book has also been used in higher academic levels because of its comprehensive approach to the subject of bullying.  

A Reflection of We $14.50 (No Tax)

SKU: ISBN978-1512200652
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