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Thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope you'll choose to buy my children's books and to share my work with your family, friends and students. This site was developed for those who prefer to have signed books, but I welcome all who choose to shop here!!

My books tend to follow the developmental pattern of most children (babies to grade 4 reading levels); however, the messages contained are timeless, and are relevant at any age.  Parents and teachers have used the books for older children and adults who might be considered to have developmental challenges. The books touch gently on subjects such as learning how to read and write, bullying, the celebration of inclusion and diversity (our size, hair, teeth, clothing, skin colour, physical challenges and abilities, friendships and families).  


Believing that we all own the power to choose kindness over hurtful words and actions, I write books which will continue to elicit great discussions about our world...including spiders!  


Happy Reading!


Questions?  Send me an email:

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